Susan Quist
Novelist, Poet, Security Guard

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RIP VAN WINKLE After 25 years, author Susan Quist recently awoke from a record-setting bout of Rip Van Winkle Syndrome. Rubbing her eyes, Quist blurted out, “Holy crap! What happened? I have tons of material here and some serious catching-up to do.”


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Selected Works

Susan Quist “put the wiz in wisdom.” Charles Bukowski
Short Story
Inspired by Lenny Bruce and Mel Brooks, this drop-dead funny story made the cover of Ms. Magazine.
"Not the dull chronology of life, but rather its essence made real--this is what Susan Quist gives us... Jerome Klinkowitz
Collected Poetry
"A terrible title for such a tender and funny collection of good poems...I hope there will be many more." Kurt Vonnegut.

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